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Dust Bunnies

I always thought that the dust bunnies in my house were relegated to under the bed. Apparently not.

As I was sewing today, I heard this strange knocking sound in my machine. As my husband routinely services (as in monthly due to the amount of sewing I do) my sewing machine, I was beginning to have a minor freak out. It has only been 3 weeks since my last service, what have I been sewing on? was very lintly. As in I could have stuffed something with the amount of dust I removed from under my bobbin case. And then the lecture from my hubby comes. Just because he services my machine monthly doesn't mean I don't need to delint my machine every couple of bobbins. This is basic maintenance he says, and I hear blah, blah, blah. So my advice to all you sewers out there, clean your bobbin cases regularly and avoid the blah, blah, blah lecture.

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